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The Asyra is designed to noninvasively screen for energetic imbalances. In Asyra testing, you are energetically connected with the Asyra software as you grasp two metal probes. The Asyra software send in signals that cause the body's meridian networks to "work together" to relay information of weakened or stressed body frequencies back to the software and a report  is generated on the computer.


At the BioEnergy Center, we have designed an experience with a different approach to wellness. We use state of the art bioenergetic tools, nutrition, and education all located under one roof. We embrace a new way of thinking. We have a strong commitment to viewing the body as a whole. Our goal at the BioEnergy Center is to provide a place where we focus on wellness rather than disease. We begin with an atmosphere that is designed to encourage your faith and allow hope to grow and healing to begin. Acknowledging that we are mind, body, and spirit, we endeavor to assist and support you in living your life to its divine potential.


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Pure, Safe, Gentle Ingredients for you skin’s needs. Cruelty free and vegan options available.