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Add your birthday to get a special gift from us!
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We empower YOU to reclaim your Health!

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How it works

How do I earn points? - Once you sign up online or in store, scan your card or enter your phone number when you checkout to start earning points!

Do I need a card? - No. If you sign up in store, you will receive a card to put with your keys. Otherwise, we can also look you up by your last name or you can enter your phone number.

How many points do I earn on each purchase? - Every dollar you spend you earn a point. Once you reach 100 points (or above), you can redeem them off your next purchase or save them for another time. 100 pts = $1. Your points do not expire. You can ask the cashier your points total at any time.

What are qualifying purchases? - All your supplements, grocery, health and beauty, and merchandise purchases at the Health Food Store qualify. All testings, BioEnergy Center Services, Grab N Go and paid classes do not qualify.

What else is my rewards account used for? - Your rewards account is used for tracking your purchase history and returns, your points total, and any eCoupons that have been awarded to you.

Do I have to give you my email? - We don’t want you to miss out on email exclusive sales and coupons just for you. We will not spam your inbox everyday. Who likes that? Just expect 1 to 4 emails a month. You can choose to opt out at any time.

*We are committed to respecting your privacy. We will never sell or give out any of your information. You can opt out of email at any time.